You can now shop Botanique online. There’s no better way to convey your thoughts and evoke a happy response than with flowers; our flowers will make you smile!

Our bespoke, signature bouquets are created with the freshest flowers and foliage that we choose, just for you, daily from the flower markets. You can also buy tickets for all my events and gift vouchers.  Happy browsing.

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Flowers—Botanique encourages you to explore and enjoy the restorative power of fresh flowers in your home, and gift them often with joy; flowers will always tell the story of love. Their signature style draws inspiration from the wilds of nature, our gardens and most importantly seasonality.


Workshops—Be inspired to learn and create at our workshops, they are designed to be fun and interactive and suitable for beginners.  We use sustainable floristry methods and encourage you to do the same, our workshops are held at our Wyle Cop, Shrewsbury shop unless otherwise stated.


Interiors—What we are loving right now with styling tips and combinations of products that work well together. You can order these products from the website delivered to your home, but please remember we are not Amazon, please allow up to 10 days for delivery.

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