In my previous life, that is, before Botanique, I was a garden designer working in and around the Cotswolds where I also managed a small, independent plant nursery.
We, myself and my partner in crime, had the best of times, we’d design, source and plant gardens, we were fortunate to work in some epic gardens, go to Italy to buy stock, and have some amazingly loyal clients.

Garden Design

On the flip side, we’d work in hail, be up at five loading a lorry with plants the size of me, and aching muscles were the norm.

And whilst I loved planting gardens, it took its toll on my bones, so when I moved to Shrewsbury, I decided enough was enough and the physical job of planting had to stop.

However, I still design; full garden design projects, concept designs, and planting schemes for gardens and large borders.  Both for private and commercial clients.

If you feel a whole re-design is too much, I also offer a garden consultancy service, we walk and talk your garden, I then collate all that information and write you a report with any small drawings required.

If you’d like to explore the idea of working with me, then please pop me a message with a brief description of your garden project.

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