Seasonal Edit

Our seasonal edit is here to inspire you, to create a home that ebbs and flows with each season. Inspiring you to create living interior décor that connects you to the time of the year, through the influence of nature, boosting you and your frame of mind to make the most of each seasonal change.

  • Spring — time to breathe in the air, to reset and look forward. Fresh colours and bulbs aplenty, natures promise comes early.
  • Summer — time to enjoy long lazy days, carefree and warm. Bring the outdoors in with all the greens houseplants offer.
  • Autumn — time to hunker down as the days become cooler and shorter, bring in the warm natural colours and textures of seasonal foliage.
  • Winter — time to enjoy interiors with flickering lights and flames, hibernation requires all the decadence of rich colours, so you feel cosy and cocooned in your home.


Autumn – “The season of mists and mellow fruitfulness” – Keats

As we transition from summer to winter, we can delight in autumn; the season when our trees become a riot of colour, our days shorten, pumpkins are a plenty, and temperatures start to decrease but don’t make us feel too cold.

Nature is ‘falling asleep’, the forest sheds its leaves, and as animals’ bed down for the winter we too are retreating to our homes, grabbing our knits, and wanting to feel cosy.

As the windows close, and our open fires are prepared it’s time to bring some of the outdoor beauty into our homes, to create the GREAT INDOORS…

We all know being out in nature is so good for our well-being, we know the colour green boosts our mood, and doing something with our hands soothes our stresses; so, it makes perfect sense to bring living interiors into our homes – to connect nature to our soul through this transitional season, and into the winter months.

The easiest way to introduce some gorgeous green into our homes is to add houseplants, and, for me, all houseplants must be displayed in a beautiful pot, a pot is the shoes of a great outfit. How to get the designer look? Choose a pot big enough to hide the plastic plant pot, you don’t want to see the ugliest part of the plant, that must be hidden, and the pot must be in proportion with your plant, and the plants surroundings.

A great way to introduce some warmth to your home than with some muted gold shades, and these gold shallow bowls certainly do that! Fill them with seasonal gourds or elegant orchids, all mossed up to add some texture, you’ll want to reach out and give it a little feel.

If there’s one thing you do this autumn, then it’s this, add a big bunch of eucalyptus to your home, it is the easiest way to bring the outdoors in, and it’ll last, eventually drying out to be everlasting.

And to take foliage to the next level, bring some autumn colours into your home, it mixes perfectly with eucalyptus and will instantly add easy to create drama, it’ll elevate any table or kitchen island. Ceramic vases are perfect for foliage, and our garlic vase certainly mimics a pumpkin! If you want to go big, our muted tall ceramic vase with its unique shape is a must, it’ll create a real focal point to any room.

Talking of pumpkins!

Is a home a home without pumpkins in October? I think not, but don’t go orange, leave those for the kids to carve. Instead choose one of our beautiful metal fern bowls and fill it with gourds and white ghost pumpkins, choose a Crown Prince Squash to soften the brighter colours and you have yourself some fabulous autumnal styling!

Or, if you want to up the ante, our bespoke handcrafted ghost pumpkins are a joy to behold! Crafted with dried pressed flowers and foliage, they are super cute, and look best styled on a shelf or narrow table, three in a row.

Finally, a beautiful way to welcome friends to your home is to dress your door with a fabulous autumn door wreath, made using sustainable methods and oozing with seasonal foliage it’s a blast of rich warm colours to welcome you home. Our autumn wreath workshop is full now, but you can still order one for your door in our online store.

Autumn is a season to enjoy, before we know where we are it’ll be winter so enjoy these days and create a home that cocoons you in warmth and happiness.

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