Botanique, Shrewsbury’s main Wikholm stockist

13th June, 2023

I always want to sell things that I love and would have in my own home and garden – come to think of it – I own a lot of my own products; perk of the job I guess?!

The Swedish company, Wikholm, feature heavily, for very good reasons; there design, materials and colour are akin to me and my brand. I particularly love all their metal pots, especially the green tones – perfect for complimenting plants.

Mind you, the rust metal ware comes a very close second, love the vintage vibe of it all, and the lack of shine. I’m not a magpie at all, subtle is the way to go for that, “I’ve had it ages” look!

Their hanging planters, baskets and orbs are fabulous too, some rust metal one’s feature in my garden hung from tree branches. They get planted in summer and filled with bird food in winter; it’s a very stylish way to feed the birds!

As Shrewsbury’s main Wikholm stockist I do have a lot of their gorgeousness in the shop, however, I can access the whole range, so, if you see any of the larger pieces you like please get in touch and I can always tag your items to my next order.

Meanwhile, it’s time to order for Autumn and Christmas, so much choice, so many decisions! But, as always, I will only choose what I’d have in my own home, and let’s face it, I probably will take one of everything home!

Just a little FYI – I will never sell the gonks, they are the best gonks coming directly from Sweden but not my thing at all, I prefer to keep it natural!

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