8th April, 2023

Is the big screen coming for me?!

Probably not, but the small screen did!  Did I enjoy it? Yes, I did!

So how did I end up on For the Love of Kitchens?

Not exactly flowers or plants, is it?

This episode features a couple who live in Shrewsbury, love their home and garden, and like to bring the outside indoors using houseplants to accessorise every room.

The lovely couple are customers of mine, who one day rushed in full of excitement and cheer,

“Lisa, we are featuring on a lifestyle programme and have been given the opportunity to film in a Shrewsbury store to buy something for our new kitchen, and we just knew we wanted to come here.  Is that ok?”

Well, I wasn’t going to say no! It was more than ok!  Alison and Paul are the kindest people for a start, and I’m always up for a challenge, plus filming sounded like it’d be fun.

And it was, once the crew could work out how to fix my microphone, wearing a jumpsuit wasn’t altogether a good idea and we’d had a good chat about George Clarke we mapped out a plan and settled down to filming.

I thought I’d be nervous but because Alison is super chilled, the film crew just got on with it and I was in my happy place it was easy; I just did what I always do, and they filmed it.  No sooner had we started, we had wrapped (as they say).  Off Alison went down The Wyle Cop with her plants, the film crew following and filming, wow, all done quickly and without any fuss.

Alison and Paul continued to film whilst there beautiful Devol kitchen came together, and then we waited for when it’d air on TV.  We filmed this time last year, so have exercised much patience.

America came first in January; did I say I’m an international TV personality?!?  And then finally this month news came, I was to be on TV on Easter Monday, fab, I can eat chocolate whilst watching.  I messaged all and sundry, “I’m on TV, Channel HGTV at 9pm, 10th April”.

No spoilers, but I have had a sneaky peak at the programme, and I have to say it’s a beautifully happy story, told with humour and warmth.  Alison and Paul are the stars of the show for sure, and I’m just happy my bit didn’t end up on the cutting room floor!

What will happen next? I don’t think Hollywood will come knocking, but I did enjoy doing it, so who knows? I’ll put good vibes out to the universe and see what happens…

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