How many flowers can you think of that have their own vase?

27th March, 2023

I can only think of one – the tulip! And displaying your tulips in one of these funky vases is a big trend for this spring, fashion and history are inexplicably linked and flowers are no exception.

What is a tulip vase, and where did it come from?

Tulip vases are a belly shaped ceramic vase with ‘spouts’, each spout allows you to display a single bloom so you can really observe its individuality. Originally made in delft pottery they are now made in many ceramics, colours and shapes.

Tulips, now synonymous with Holland, probably came from Turkey in 1593, and quickly became a luxury and expensive flower popular with courtiers, county gentlemen and rich merchants.

Tulips were so expensive they were sold individually and those who could afford them wanted to show off their blooms in a dramatic style. The tulip vase was born!

Designs were big and non were more striking than the Blue Delft vases during the 17th century. Have a google if you want to be impressed and get some inspiration! It is thought the first vases travelled to the UK from Holland with Queen Mary II and her Dutch husband William of Orange; the English court was charmed and soon became hooked, the bigger the better…..and, here we are in 2023, embracing new designs in this unique vase.

Perhaps because our love of tulips is a strong as ever, and these vases really do make a statement and let the flowers sing.

Here at my Shrewsbury shop they are a little smaller than Queen Mary’s but just as beautiful, come and see them and let me know what designs you enjoy.

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