27th March, 2023

Ok, it takes until April to remove our thermals in the UK, and for it really to feel like spring outside, but inside my shop in the heart of Shrewsbury, Spring is in full swing.  It’s the time to kiss goodbye to the dark days of winter and embrace some colour in our homes with the bounty of spring flowers available.

And the best bit?  It doesn’t cost the earth or test your flower arranging skills to introduce some spring flowers into your home.

Simplicity is best, it’s a group of flowers that look best as a single bloom vase, if you want to add some extra va va bloom(!) pop out for a walk and gather some twigs and catkins to add to your spring flower vase.

Want to make more of a statement?  Gather three complimentary vases, fill one with tulips, one with anemone, and another with hyacinths and display them together on a wonderful big tray.  To create atmosphere, add a fragranced candle, light it in the evenings, sit back and admire your floral art!

And if you want to have something long lasting?  Buy some bulbs, pot them up into a beautiful pot or bowl and have them in your home now, once they’ve bloomed plant them in the garden, you’ll enjoy them every year for years to come.

Whatever you decide, some spring flowers will defiantly lift your mood and make you smile, and that my friends, is priceless.

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