24th October, 2022

My name’s Lisa, and I am obsessed with moss, but I don’t need help or anyone to send me to moss rehabilitation!

Moss growing over stonework, on the floor of the woods, on tree branches, in my lawn; it is nature at its best, giving us a sumptuous richness in the shadows and shafts of light.

I love the textural beauty of moss, particularly bun moss, you just want to reach out and touch it, it sparks your curiosity and I love that.  It’s why we adore our moss dome dishes, I promise you, you will reach out to touch it, it’s calming and soothing.

I also love it as a base for other natural products, being inspired by where it grows naturally adding ferns, old wood, and stones.  We feature moss in our terrariums, creating undulating curves and texture.

And of course, it’s a huge feature of our Christmas range, enhancing bulb dishes, no bulb is complete without moss; in fact, a narcissi bulb will grow wrapped in sphagnum moss, try it, keep it damp and watch what happens.  It’s the base of our sustainably made door wreaths, enabling you to use it repeatedly, and, of course, as a moss lover I’m happy with a moss wreath, no need to add anything else!

Moss you rock and I love you!

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