24th October, 2022

“What do other people call themselves, what are people expecting me to call myself; what and who am I in the directory of life? Oh, I don’t know, it’s complicated, I’ll do what’s expected of me and call my shop a florist!  That’s best, and others will be comfortable with that”

 But it never felt right and confused people because I’m not a traditional florist, and my shop in Shrewsbury is not a traditional florist shop!

It’s taken time and a serious chat with myself to find the words to describe me and my business, and during those chats, I’ve learnt that putting yourself in a box to suit others doesn’t work, we should always be true to ourselves.

When I first opened the shop, I didn’t have the guts to not use the word florist, I mean, I am a florist; I sell and arrange flowers, but my shop is so much more than flowers; it’s full of other botanical delights, with a big accent on you, your well-being and styling your home with living beauty.

I’m inspired by European flower shops, nature, my gardening career, seasonality, textures, styling and being an individual.  I want to encourage you to explore the benefits of botanicals, the pleasure and calmness of bringing the great outdoors indoors.

One day the fabulous branding photographer Ruth Yardy approached me, she felt my message and branding wasn’t right, so we set off on a journey of re-branding discovery!

This involved searching deep into my business, one unsurprising result was the lifestyle florist had to go, as I had no affinity to it, but what to call myself instead?

I aired Botanical Atelier with her, it had been in my head when I opened the shop, but I hadn’t been brave enough to use it.  What did she think? Was it right, we liked the sound of it, but did it fit?

Atelier – a workshop or studio, especially one used by a designer or artist.

Botanical – relating to botany.

Perfect, my shop is a creative workshop of botanical artistry, in my world plants and flowers deserve to be styled fabulously in beautiful vases, and pots creating stunning living interiors that compliment your lifestyle and your home’s décor.

I feel much happier, and my new branding and website was worth all the work, so don’t try to fit yourself  into a box familiar to others that’s not right for you; it’s taken me 54 years and nearly three years in this business to find the bravery to be who I want to be, without explanation, without fear; be who you want to be, step away from the ordinary and be authentically, imperfectly you!  It’s a good feeling, thank you Ruth for the confidence boost to go for it!

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