5th February, 2022

Valentine’s – Does it have to be red roses?

Absolutely not!  Not here at Botanique, I’m so over them!

It’s taken thousands of years, the red rose and love go back to Aphrodite, but they are finally becoming less and less popular and more and more expensive.  This year the prices are even higher due to inflated transport and fuel costs – it really is the year to abandon the red rose!

They’ll always be those that love them and wouldn’t want anything else, and that’s cool, when I was young, I couldn’t wait for the day a man gave me 12 red roses!

So, if it’s no to the red rose, what’s it yes too?

There should be no surprise if you know me or my shop! Classic elegance all the way, white and green, with white roses (I’m not abandoning all roses!).  It’s timeless, fresh, and utterly chic.  It’ll always be my favorite, and what I love to create.

Seasonal flowers are of fabulous quality, and during February we have seasonal Lilac, Tulips, Anemone, Iris, and Mimosa.  So why not give your love a beautiful spring fresh bouquet, with all the promise of what’s to come in your lives together, growing and flourishing each year.

Red is synonymous with Valentine’s and love, and I love red mixed with soft pink and lilac, and lots of foliage; it’s a vintage romantic twist to traditional Valentine’s flowers.

Everyone loves to receive flowers, it’s the most beautiful gift to show your love for someone who makes you happy, so go on….. choose your favorite, spring, white or romance and make someone’s valentine’s day super special!


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