20th July, 2021

As Peony disappears from view a new flower is in town!

Gorgeous Hydrangeas with their big blousy heads in an array of fabulous colours; I bloody love them!

The name Hydrangea comes form the ancient Greek for water vessel. It’s apt as they are thirsty plants and cut flowers, the latter needing fresh, clean deep water.

Tips for looking after cut hydrangea: You should always get them into water quickly to prolong their vase life; they’re not a flower that copes with being out of water for too long. I pop an unglamorous poly bag over the cut stems to help with the transition from the shop to your home!

Before you place them in your sparklingly clean vase remove any leaves so water goes straight to the flower head and cut the stems at a forty-five degree angle. We do this so the stem doesn’t sit on the bottom of the vase unable to drink water.

Also cut up the stem, this gives a bigger surface area for the stem to absorb plenty of water and keep your vase of Hydrangea somewhere cool, changing the water daily, for prolonged flower life.

They are utterly glamorous blooms, adding size and glamour to a bouquet as well looking equally impressive alone.

So how do you style them in your home?

A fabulous way to style them is individually in fabulous narrow vases, in odd numbers. The vases don’t’ have to match, either choose all ceramic or all glass; vintage shops are a great place to find some alternative classic vessels to compliment your home and décor. Choose different sizes so the flower heads are at different heights and make sure the vases are super clean before using them.

Display them linear, on a mantelpiece or console table with the heads all facing the same way or group them together with the heads facing different ways in the center of a table, you could put them on a large tray for some extra styling.

Either way, flowers for your home don’t need to be complicated; you just need to style them rather than plonking them in a vase!

If you fancy taking styling flowers and plants to the next level while enjoying some fabulous food and company at The Olive Tree Shrewsbury, then check out our workshops, a full list is on the website.

With flowery regards,

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