4th March, 2021

My World Book Day confession!

I was (mostly!) a good mama bear with my boys when it came to dressing up as a book character for world book day.

I say mostly because one year I forgot. Driving to school the penny dropped and I had twenty minutes, an old cereal box and sheet to make two costumes, not my finest hour!

I did make up for it the following year with an Elmer the Elephant costume but on the whole as a working mum I loathed this day.

You thought you’d done a good job until you got to school and they’d be a parent smiling on as their child stepped out of the car looking like they were ready for a stage production.

So when my daughter went to school she was always mysteriously ‘sick’ on World Book Day ?. We used to spend the day in PJ’s and read while eating our body weight in chocolate!

A lot less stress and school never twigged on to my sloppy parenting…!

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